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Twenty Years of Professional Performance Related Photographs

Florida Dance Masters Spring Convention Workshop group photos

A few Judging, Teaching, Competition, Recital & USF SunDoll Alumni Photographs

I found on "You Tube" a bit of my Teacher Jazz class that someone filmed
from the Houston, Texas Dance Olympus convention.

Please enjoy my vintage lyrical choreography titled "Gold"
Choreographer and Costume Design: Jennifer Russell - Costume made by: Pat Virtue

Click Here to Read the Article and View the Performance

My Drum Corps International Dance Performance was named one of Five favorite Individual & Ensemble Competition moments over the past 40 years. Note: The video Drum Corps International used in the article is the choreography performed but from a different event.

Click Here To View a PDF of the above Print Copy
Drum Coprs International placed the above advertisement
in various music education publications.

This is a nice promotional video for Cirque USA.
It includes several clips from some of my Industrial performances.